OCT’s 1st Fantasy Valley park opens in China

Fantasy Valley
Park concept art © xyoct.com

Friday 29 April 2022 marks the grand opening of Fantasy Valley, part of Chinese park chain OCT’s Fabland Resort. The new park is located in the city of Xiangyang (Hubei Province, China) and at least three major dark rides have been confirmed in promotional videos for the park.

OCT are most famously known for their Happy Valley theme parks found throughout major cities in China, but have more recently been focusing on other resort brandings as well as more immersive and ‘one-stop-shop’ theme park experiences. Following on from the establishment of their OCT Vision subsidiary, the company have been producing dark rides in-house for the past decade and have used this to go on and create two Visionland parks which are far more dark ride, or ‘studio’, oriented.

This new Fantasy Valley resort in Xiangyang is claimed to be the next step in evolution for the chain, with an extra emphasis on digital immersion and even references to the Metaverse. The theme park will contain six themed areas to cover all of space and time, from the dinosaurs to futuristic worlds. So far we have been able to confirm one dark ride and two show ride attractions that will be opening with the park. These are 非常任务 (Extraordinary Mission) – a space battle themed Flying Theatre, 星际历险 (Galaxy Adventure) – a Dynamic Theatre also themed to space travel and 超时空营救 (Time Travel Rescue) – a 4D motion-based car ride.

The new attractions have now been added to the Dark Ride Database. We will be closely monitoring news on the park’s opening and any subsequent visitor information for Fantasy Valley over the coming weeks in order to update the listings further where possible.

Promotional video © Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town Fantasy Resort Weibo