Chasseurs de Tornades in Futuroscope opening soon for visitors

Chasseurs de Tornades
Interior view of Chasseurs de Tornades (© Alain Biais via La Nouvelle Republique)

French theme park Futuroscope is in the middle of a large expansion plan, called ‘Vision 2025’. This plan entails the addition of three new major rides in the park in the period from 2021 to 2025. The first in line is the new show ride ‘Chasseurs de Tornades’, opening in 2022. The ride is the park’s largest investment so far, costing 21 million euros, just one million more than roller coaster ‘Objectif Mars’ which opened in 2020. Over the last weeks, Futurosocope slowly gave more insight in the progress of their new ride. The official opening is scheduled for 2 July, but soft openings are expected to start during April.

Chasseurs de Tornades is located in the Images Studio pavillion of the park. Riders meet the characters of Mélanie, a scientist, and Alex, a tornado chaser. Both work together to construct a tornado simulator, capable of simulating the most violent hurricanes, which guests are to experience themselves. ‘Chasseurs de Tornades’ is not accidentely the French translation of ‘Tornado Chasers’. However, while demonstrating the machine, suddenly a real tornado heads straight for the park, creating a wild experience for the riders.

20220412 Futuroscope2
The Dynamic Motion Theater (© Futuroscope on Twitter)

The ride system of Chasseurs de Tornades is developed by Dynamic Attractions, and is a so-called Dynamic Motion Theater. It consists of a large platform, hosting 120 riders and capable of rotating and tilting. The platform is surrounded by a screen with a diameter of 17 meters and 8 meters tall, which also hides two real scenes that are placed behind the screen. The theater is equiped with special effects like wind and fire.

The next addition of Futuroscope’s ‘Vision 2025’ expansion plan will be the boat ride Mission Bermudes, a semi-dark ride of which details were announced last January. A third thrill ride, on a similar scale as Mission Bermudes, is scheduled for 2025. Apart from new rides, Futuroscope is also developing a new hotel (opening 2022) and a water park (scheduled for 2024).