Djurs Sommerland opens new semi-dark ride Dino Xpedition

dino xpedition
© Leisure Expert Group

Last weekend, theme park Djurs Sommerland (Denmark) opened its newest theme zone. The big star of the new Dinosaurland is the T-Rex Family Coaster, a powered coaster, but apart from that the area also contains a jeep safari ride. This ‘Dino Xpedition‘ turns out to contain a small indoor part that makes the ride qualify for an entry in the dark ride database.

Dino Xpedition takes riders on a archeological journey along an excavation of dinosaur fosils. Riders find several dinosaur fosils during the first part of the ride, after which the vehicles enter a small shed. Here, riders are faced with the first living dinosaurs, appearing in a projection and two physical sets. After exiting the shed, larger dinosaurs can found on the way back towards the station.

Dinosaurland was built on the former site of the Jungle Safari, an outdoor boatride along sets and animatronics in a jungle environment. That ride closed in 2019 to make space for the new area. The dinosaur theme was announced in the spring of 2020, followed by the announcement of the rides later that year. The entire area opened last saturday, on 30 April.

Dinosaurland and its attractions were designed by Leisure Expert Group. Theming of the area was constructed by MK Themed Attractions and Petro Art Productions. The ride system for Dino Xpedition was supplied by Metallbau Emmeln.

Onride of Dino Xpedition (by Nick Hadsund on YouTube)