Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s Mission Ferrari to open on January 12th!

Mission Ferrari
Exterior view of Mission Ferrari (© Heartline Coaster)

Today Ferrari World Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.) announced the long awaited opening of the Mission Ferrari semi-dark ride. The Dynamic Attractions ride was announcement in 2014, the original plan was to have the coaster operating in 2015. However, the opening had to be delayed several times, in recent years presumably due to the COVID-19 pandemic and technical difficulties. Unmanned testing of Mission Ferrari have been going on since March 2021 and after a few months of manned testing the ride will soon open.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has been ramping up the testing of the innovative new ride in the last few months. At IAAPA Expo London Dynamic Attractions assured the Dark Ride Database that they expected the ride to open pretty soon, which now turns out to be the second week of January 2023. At the time of the IAAPA London Expo the ride was running at about 70% of it’s aimed capacity, with the percentage getting higher every week.

The park opened in 2010 and is home to 3 dark rides as well as 5 roller coasters. Mission Ferrari will combine both of these ride types into one package. It will be the world’s first SFX Coaster manufactured by Dynamic Attractions, featuring 5 launches with speeds up to 72 km/h as well as at least one inversion. The model takes its name from the large amount of special elements and effects it can feature, ranging from track drops to tilting mechanisms.

The following video shows some of the possible options for prospective clients. According to a video released by the park Mission Ferrari will certainly feature a backwards inversion and the world’s first sideways coaster drop, although more features may also be seen on the ride. Annual passholders will be able to experience the ride starting January 5th, with the general public starting a week later.