Rethemed Monopoly semi-dark ride now open in Galaxyland

The station for the Monopoly Railroad (© West Edmonton Mall)

Galaxyland is an indoor amusement park inside the West Edmonton Mall in Canada. Recently, it has rethemed a part of the park featuring Hasbro toys and board games. This refresh includes transforming the former Galaxyland Express semi-dark ride into the Monopoly Railroad, themed to the well-known board game by the same name.

The refreshed ride opened on December 17, 2022 with the rest of the Hasbro integration. The Express takes guests along for a ride through the park, including some dark ride scenes. The previous incarnation contained animatronics of the former park mascots. These have been replaced by figures of the monopoly man and various set pieces related to the board game. This is part one of phase one for the park’s refresh.

The park currently has another DRdb entry, Quirks in the Works. This interactive dark ride is currently untouched, still featuring the old Space related theme. It is unknown if this will change in the second phase of the park’s remodel, set to debut somewhere in 2023.