Genting SkyWorlds is officially open!

gentingskyworlds 1
Studio Plaza (© Genting SkyWorlds)

The hotly anticipated new Malaysian theme park Genting SkyWorlds has officially opened to the public. The news comes after recent speculation that the park would be ready in time for Chinese New Year, which took place last week.

The park have described the 8th February as a ‘soft opening’ and are explicitly stating that they will continue to operate at a reduced guest capacity. Whether this also means a continuation of the technical rehearsals and limited attraction availability that have already been seen over the last few months is not yet clear. A long and complicated construction history has brought the park to this current status, which we covered in more detail last month.

Night at the Museum dark ride (© Genting SkyWorlds)

Following this announcement, the Dark Ride Database will now be listing the several new dark rides that have opened with the park including Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem (interactive shooting ride), Independence Day: Defiance (flying theatre) and Epic Voyage to Moonhaven (boat ride with several indoor scenes).

Several more entries are expected from Genting SkyWorlds in the future, two of which are currently listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on the park website. These include Ice Age: Expedition Thin Ice (trackless dark ride) and Invasion of the Planet of the Apes (3D indoor ride). There is also an as yet unnamed SFX Coaster from Dynamic Attractions under construction in the Andromeda Base area.

The park posted a new video on 4th February describing the latest guest experience. It outlines a pre-book ticket system and how they are limiting guest numbers for safety at this time. There is also an App that can be used to enhance a visit by means of virtual queuing and a daily planning tool that rewards guests for following their own set path.