Rexperience: Naturalis opens their new simulator

Rexperience post show
The post-show of Rexperience (© Naturalis)

Biodiversity museum Naturalis in Leiden, Netherlands officially opened their new simulator on June 15 of this year. The ride was supposed to open in 2020, but couldn’t operate due to the covid-19 restrictions. The lifting of these restrictions has allowed the museum to finally open the ride and invite guests on a time travel to meet T-Rex Trix in all her glory.

Trix is the name of a Tyrannosaurus Rex of which the skeleton was found in 2013 in Montana, USA. It can be viewed in the museum since 2016, and is the first permanent T-Rex skeleton in a European museum to be exposed to the public. A supplement of 2 euro’s is required in order to experience the ride due to its low capacity.

Rexperience features a small preshow, where guests are greeted by the host of the experience, played by dutch actor Ferdi Stofmeel. This is followed by the simulator, in which guests will experience a time travel back to prehistoric times in order to meet T-Rex Trix. Trix itself can be greeted by guests as an animatronic in the ride’s post-show, the main climax of the entire experience.

The decor of the ride was manufactured by Netherlands based Kloosterboer, which also made the ride’s media. Kloosterboer has worked with Naturalis before on their 2016 exposition ‘T-Rex in town‘, which is where Trix itself premiered.