Eatrenalin now open at Europa-Park Resort


Today marks the opening of a truly unique dark ride experience: Eatrenalin. This new attraction situated on the Europa Park, the largest theme park in Germany, offers a combination of a dark ride and a fine dining experience. From the moment the experience begins, guests are immersed in a wide variety of worlds, not only through scents and tastes, but also through visuals, acoustics and haptics. During the 100-minute experience, guests can enjoy a eight-course diner.

Eatrenalin uses a unique ride system, developed by Mack Rides over the course of one and a half years. These trackless ‘floating chairs’ consist of a single chair, which can be adjusted by the rider according to preference, and a table. In total, each vehicle weighs 320 kilograms. During the ride, the vehicles move in different configurations, seating guests either opposite or next to each other.

The complete experience combines the expertise of the Mack family in one ride, using a themed experience, gastronomic expertise, virtual media by MackNeXT and the addition of original music by T-Rex Classics. “The innovative floating chair from MACK Rides, the virtual media from MACK animation and MackNeXT, as well as the gastronomic expertise of a kitchen team made up of top international chefs. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world,” says Thomas Mack.

20221104 Eatrenalin
Exterior of Eatrenalin (© Europa-Park)

In order to create Eatrenalin, the park partnered up with gastronomy expert Oliver Altherr, CEO of Marché International. He says: “Eatrenalin combines an extraordinary menu with visuals, movement and scents, taking guests to spectacular locations and thus creating a new restaurant dimension.” A European team was put together to create the different tastes of the experience, including Spanish chef Pablo Montero, sous-chef Ties van Oosten from the Netherlands and French-Austrian pastry chef Juliana Clementz.

According to Oliver Altherr and Thomas Mack, the idea of teaming up between Mack and Marché International started when Voletarium opened. “In the Voletarium, where you fly over European worlds, the idea arose to enchant guests by sending them on a culinary journey. The goal is to add dimensions to the gastronomy and touch the guests emotionally. It is time that we take guests on a futuristic journey to various worlds of indulgence, appealing to all their senses and amazing them.”

The Eatrenalin kitchen combines influences from both modern and international cuisines. During the experience, guests are taken through 11 different rooms and enjoy an eight-course dinner. The rooms are themed according to different environments, like the ocean-room or the universe-room, or according to different tastes like the sweet-room, salt-room of umami-room. The journey through space and taste ends at the Eatrenalin bar, where guests can enjoy a drink.

Tickets for Eatrenalin can be booked through the special website. Prices start from €195 per person. Apart from the dining experience, Eatrenalin also offers special suites that can be booked for an overnight stay.