Mission Ferrari at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi might be opening soon

Mission Ferrari
Exterior view of Mission Ferrari © Dark Ride Database

The highly anticipated Mission Ferrari, a largely enclosed roller coaster at the indoor theme park Ferrari World Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.), might finally be opening in the near future. Following its announcement in 2014, the original plan was to have the coaster operating in 2015. However, the opening had to be delayed several times, in recent years presumably due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Testing of Mission Ferrari unmanned has been going on since March 2021 and recently the first manned test runs were caught on camera.

According to a user on the German forum Coasterfriends, park staff confirmed test runs are currently taking place daily, some of which were manned. Speculation suggests the opening of the ride could be planned for sometime next month, putting an end to the 7-year delay.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi opened in 2010 and is home to 3 dark rides as well as 5 roller coasters. Mission Ferrari will combine both of these ride types into one package. It will be the world’s first SFX Coaster manufactured by Dynamic Attractions, featuring 5 launches with speeds up to 72 km/h as well as at least one inversion. The model takes its name from the large amount of special elements it can feature, ranging from track drops to tilting mechanisms, both of which will reportedly be present on this prototype.

The following video shows the possibilities of this type of ride, though it is not known which of these effects will appear in Mission Ferrari.