Genting SkyWorlds unveils new lands and attractions

Genting SkyWorlds
Image of the park entrance © Genting SkyWorlds

Later in 2021, the completely renewed Malaysian theme park Genting SkyWorlds is set to open its doors to the public. The park is built on the site of the former Genting Theme Park, which was closed in 2013 for major refurbishment. The renewed park was originally set to open in 2016 as 20th Century Fox World. Even though construction has been delayed and the park’s name has changed, many of the themed lands of the park are still based on IP by 20th Century Fox, together with Genting’s own brands. Today, Genting SkyWorlds unveiled the nine lands that the audience can enjoy later this year.

Genting SkyWorlds is part of Genting Highlands, a resort by the Genting Group containing multiple hotels and casinos. The whole resort is located on top of a 1800m/6000ft hill on the Malaysian peninsula. After arriving on top of the hill, guests enter the first of nine worlds, which is the Studio Plaza. This contains the park’s main entrance and cash desks. After accessing the park, guests can freely explore the other eight lands: Central Park, Liberty Lane (both with an American city theme), Eagle Mountain (based on Genting’s IP), Rio, Ice Age, Epic, Robots Rivet Town (All four based on Blue Sky films) and Andromeda Base (Space theme).

Genting SkyWorlds
Image of the Central Park section © Genting SkyWorlds

The park, being a movie-based park, includes a great number of dark and show rides. While the full attraction lineup is not entirely confirmed, we know that there will be several entries for our database in due course including an indoor boat ride and multiple tracked dark rides including 3D, interactive and conventional types all based on the various film IPs such as Ice Age, Night at the Museum and Planet of the Apes. Check out the park’s video below for an overview of the site.