Zigong Fantawild Dinosaur Kingdom opens its doors

Park entrance of Zigong Fantawild Dinosaur Kingdom
Park entrance of Zigong Fantawild Dinosaur Kingdom (© fangte.com)

The latest park from Fantawild opens today on 18 June in Zigong (Sichuan province, China). Zigong Fantawild Dinosaur Kingdom is the first park of its kind in the Fantawild chain. The whole destination is themed to dinosaurs and contains several new dark and show rides.

The dinosaur theme of the new park by the Chinese chain takes inspiration from its location in Zigong, which is a famous hot spot for the discovery of fossils in China. While the Dinosaur Kingdom concept is the first of its kind, the park brings the total number of operating Fantawild parks to 28 in China alone.

Zigong Fantawild Dinosaur Kingdom consists of 5 themed areas based around various habitats and climates in which dinosaurs once lived. The attractions themselves mostly follow these themes. The new park features four major dark rides: Dinosaur Crisis is a 3D multimedia motion-based car ride, where riders are joined by a superhero to solve a certain crisis. Mystic River is a free floating boat ride through the jungle in which encounters with dinosaurs are inevitable. Jungle Guardian is an interactive train ride where riders need to prove that they are true guardians of the jungle. And finally: Centre of the Earth Adventure takes riders through an underground journey.

On top of the four dark rides, the park will also contain a Flying, a flying theatre and a revolving theatre called Boonie Bears: Return to Jurassic, based on the successful Boonie Bears animated series.

The park, which cost 3.1 billion yuan (US $440 million) to develop, was originally scheduled to open in late 2020. The construction of the park was delayed by the outbreak of Covid-19, resulting in a delayed opening of the park by approximately one and a half year.

Promotional video of Zigong Fantawild Dinosaur Kingdom on YouTube
Promotional image of the Flying Theatre at Zigong Fantawild Dinosaur Kingdom (© fangte.com)