Conny-Land announces Crazy Professor ride for 2022

Entrance of Conny-Land (© Dark Ride Database)

Swiss theme park Conny-Land announced the construction of a new ride for the 2022 season. The ride, with the project name ‘Crazy Professor’, was already announced in 2018 with scheduled opening for 2020. Construction of the ride was however postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19. The initial announcement only spoke of a ‘vertical dark ride’, leaving the details on the ride experience unknown. Last week, the park re-announced the ride for the 2022 season, and gave more details on the ride experience.

The Crazy Professor ride will be the first in line of a collaboration that Conny-Land and Ride Engineers Switzerland (RES) announced last week. Together, the park and the ride manufacturer will build a completely new ride once every two years, which all should be prototypes. First in line will be the Crazy Professor ride, an indoor free fall tower that features storytelling on four multimedia screens on different levels of the ride. The ride will be located on the site of the former dolphin arena, which was unused since keeping dolphins was forbidden by the Swiss government in 2013. Even though the ride was originally announced for 2020, construction was never started until the dolphin arena was demolished early 2021.

The ‘Crazy Professor’ tower ride will tell the story about a mad scientist that succeeded in defying gravity. However, during the ride a small incident will occur. The ride will feature a 20 meter drop and is due to open in the summer of 2022. Conny-Land already has experience with unique story-telling rides, such as the Mammut Tree which incorporates a dark ride scene into a cable car ride. Apart from that, the park contains two DRdb listed rides: dark ride “Lost World – Dino Attack” and simulator “5D Flugsimulator“.

The former dolphin arena (© Dark Ride Database)