Category: Specials

Apr 22
Report: Defending the castle in Hickhack um die Harzburg

New show ride Hickhack um die Harzburg opens in Bad Harzburg

Apr 12
A dark ride between the rabbits: the development story of Underlandet in Liseberg

Go on a tour with Andreas Andersen about the design of Underlandet

Mar 30
Comparing the old and new Fire in the Hole at Silver Dollar City

DRdb compares the new dark coaster to the original classic

Feb 04
All rise for the stand-up dark- and showrides, now part of DRdb

Stand-up dark- and show rides now part of database.

Nov 13
Report: Treasure Hunt – a pirate adventure in Monterey

Experiencing the new dark ride at Cannery Row in Monterey, CA

Nov 10
From the ’90s to now: Behind the scenes at Movie Park Germany’s Time Riders

Behind the scenes at Time Riders, Movie Park Germany's iconic simulator.

Oct 16
Tetrastar Spaceport: A personal space adventure at the National Space Centre

Interview with the NSC Creative team about the development of the experience