Category: Specials

May 06
Spotlight: Take Flight – Wilderness Resort

Let's take a flight on Wilderness Resort's Take Flight flying theatre.

Mar 04
Madhouses I: The Origin of the Haunted Swing

The full story on the preceder of the modern Madhouse; the Haunted Swing.

Jan 15
Flying Around the World with Brogent Technologies’ i-Ride

The second part of our interview with Brogent Technologies.

Nov 13
The Digital World of Brogent Technologies

A look into the works of simulator manufacturer Brogent Technologies.

Nov 02
Report: Visiting the Smurfs and Vic the Viking in Plopsa Station Antwerp

Team DRdb discovered the new park and their dark ride(s)

Sep 30
Report: IAAPA Expo Europe 2021

Read all about new dark ride concepts shown on the trade show

Sep 30
Behind the Scenes at Scheepssimulator – The Final Days of Het Arsenaal

Explore the history and the behind the scenes working of Scheepssimulator