Category: Specials

Sep 19
Report: IAAPA Expo Europe 2022

Our report of the IAAPA Expo Europe 2022 in London.

Sep 09
Madhouses II: The Development of Villa Volta

Insights into the creation of the first modern Madhouse

Sep 09
Spotlight: Villa Volta

Let's take a look at the ride experience of this classic Madhouse

Aug 20
Report: Saving the Avengers Campus in Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure

Follow us when we try to save Avengers Campus in Walt Disney Studios Paris

Aug 09
Report: Visiting the Hyper Ride prototype

Checking out Triotech's prototype of their 'Hyper Ride' motion-based dark ride.

Jul 25
Report: An adventure in the world of Jumanji at Gardaland

Team DRdb visited the new dark ride Jumanji - the Adventure

Jun 20
Report: Volkanu, on a Quest for the Golden Idol

Review of the newly opened dark ride at Lost Island Themepark

May 06
Spotlight: Take Flight – Wilderness Resort

Let's take a flight on Wilderness Resort's Take Flight flying theatre.

Mar 04
Madhouses I: The Origin of the Haunted Swing

The full story on the preceder of the modern Madhouse; the Haunted Swing.