Category: Specials

May 26
Report: Discovering Terra Magma, the mysterious volcano at Bobbejaanland

Report on the press opening of rethemed log flume

May 21
Report: Capturing Mushies in Le Pal’s Champi’Folies

New interactive dark ride Champi'Folies is a smash hit for Le Pal.

May 08
Report: Going to Conny-Land to meet the Crazy Professor

Report of Conny-Land newest attraction: Crazy Professor

Apr 25
Report: Joining the outlaws in Red Bandits Adventure at Attractiepark Slagharen

Red Bandits Adventure opens in Attractiepark Slagharen

Apr 04
The History of Indiana River – World’s First Enclosed Log Flume

Delve into the making-of the mysterious log flume set within an Aztec temple

Mar 27
Report: Tata World River Adventure – A boat ride to and through a Vietnamese fairytale

Dark Ride Database visited in early 2023 to experience and document the World of Tata,…

Mar 19
Report: The Curse at Alton Manor – The Haunted House strikes back, again!

Visit to the opening day including the history of The Haunted House

Mar 17
Madhouses III: That is Illusion

Final part of our Madhouses trilogy

Nov 29
Report: Goodbye Burg Falkenstein – A Backstage Tour

Exploring the classic Holiday Park dark ride inside and out