Schwaben Park opens Hans Dampf, an AI-powered simulator

Hans Dampf Schwaben

Today is a big day in the history of the southern German amusement park Schwaben Park. The park opens it newest addition to the general public today: Hans Dampf auf Weltreise (Hans Dampf on a world trip). The new ride is a simulator, immersing guest in a miraculous train journey. But what is more is that the park promised the ride to be the world’s first simulator ride to include Artificial Inteligence (AI).

Hans Dampf Auf Weltreise is themed to a Swabian train and train station, with Swabia (Schwaben) being the German region the park is located in and named after. The ride introduces the character of Hans Dampf, which might be translated to English as John Steam. Along with Hans Dampf, guests embark on their journey across the world, seeing sights such as deserts and the ocean. The true role AI plays in this ride has not yet been fully explained, but its likely that the environments are big open spaces, with AI choosing its own path each ride.

20240504 HansDampf
Interior photo of the ride (© Schwaben Park)

Hans Dampf auf Weltreise is manufactured by the German Aufwind Group and is part of the line of train simulators. The version in Schwaben Park is the company’s second installation, with their first installation being Eis-Zeitreise Zugfahrt. The train themed simulator vehicles arrived at Schwaben Park on January 22, just 11 days after the ride’s announcement on January 10. The showbuilding itself, located next to the station of the Hummel Brummel powered coaster, was only roughly build out at this time.

The new ride is open to the general public starting today, but a few guests were already able to test the ride yesterday. Schwaben Park held a contest to select a few people to ride Hans Dampf on 3 May, along with passholders of the park.