Pirati: New semi-dark ride for Cavallino Matto

Artwork for Pirati (© Cavallino Matto)

Cavallino Matto, a theme park about 250 kilometers North-East of Rome (Italy), has announced a new ride for the 2022 season. Pirati will be a pirate themed ride that will combine a spinning raft ride with a dark ride section. The park announced the news on their Facebook page.

The park announced a pirate themed ride in November and showed photos of a cleared space in the park. They have been teasing the new ride on social media ever since, until they finally revealed artwork and the name of the new ride. Although a ride manufacturer has not been announced yet, the artwork resembles a ‘Hydro Lift’ ride of Zamperla.

Cavallino Mato currently has two DRdb listed rides: Semi-Dark Ride ‘Treno Espresso‘ (Express Train) and 3D film ‘Movie Stars 4D‘.

Construction site of Pirati (© Cavallino Matto)