Sunworld Ba Na Hills opened new simulator attraction

Mắt Bay at Sunworld Ba Na Hills
One of the two ride vehicles © Simworx

The Simworx team have recently returned from a trip to Sunworld Ba Na Hills, (outside the city of Da Nang, Vietnam). A new simulator attraction was installed and has already been operating since Saturday 30 April. The attraction is named Mắt Bay, which translates to ‘Flying Eyes.

Mắt Bay is designed to simulate the movements of an airship, as the ride film takes guests soaring over various world famous sightseeing spots much like a traditional flying theatre attraction. This ride system however is Simworx’s own ‘Cobra Dark Ride’, with a motion base vehicle that is loaded outside of the main show area. The vehicle, of which two were installed in total, is mounted on a short track system and moves into position in front of the large projection screen once the ride sequence begins.

Sunworld Ba Na Hills already contains several other dark rides listed on our database. These include a car ride themed to the story of Journey to the Centre of the earth, along with a previous 4D attraction installed by Simworx, both of which opened in 2012.

IMG 3934
The main screen undergoing testing © Simworx