Glorious Orient Huai’an officially opened on 1st July

Glorious Orient Huai'an
Park entrance ©

Yet more news comes from Chinese park chain Fantawild this week. The third Glorious Orient park opened today, Friday 1st July, in Huai’an (Jiangsu province, China): Glorious Orient Huai’an. The resort shares many likenesses with the two other Glorious Orient parks which both debuted last year and contains 5 new entries for our database.

Glorious Orient Huai’an is made up of five historical themed areas that focus on the different aspecs of the development of modern China as a nation over the last two centuries. It covers an area of 600,000 square metres and cost in excess of 3 billion Yuan (€430m) to construct.

The new dark rides that opened with the park have, as far as we are currently aware, all been seen before at other locations in the chain. They include 致远 致远 / Zhiyuan Zhiyuan – an indoor boat ride, 岁月如歌 / The Glorious Years – a revolving theatre, 铁道游击 / Railway Guerilla – a tracked dark ride, 飞翔 / Let’s Fly – a flying theatre and 神枪手 / Sharpshooter – an interactive train ride.