New “Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride” for Clifton Hill

Hyper Ride CliftonHill LR
Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride concept for Clifton Hill (© Triotech)

During the IAAPA Expo Europe in Barcelona, Triotech presented their newest project: the Hyper Ride. They showed the concept of the ride and promised to release more information during the IAAPA Expo Orlando. Today Triotech and Clifton Hill (Niagara Falls – Canada) announced the first installation for this new ride: “Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride”.

The Hyper Ride is a new type of motion-based ride vehicle, developed by Triotech. The novelty is the placement of Triotech’s motion seats on top of a car ride vehicle (built by Gosetto). This decreases the weight for the motion system compared to other motion-based vehicles that move a complete car. It also enables more extreme motion options for the seats, which according to Christian Martin, VP Communications of Triotech, led to its name being ‘Hyper Ride’. The innovative system was awarded by IAAPA today with a Brass Ring Award in the category “Best New Product – Major Ride/Attraction”.

“We have worked with the team at Clifton Hill for many years on several successful attractions”, says Ernest Yale, President and CEO of Triotech in a press-release. “For us, it is only fitting to deploy this Hyper Ride, with its unique motion technology, working alongside a solid partner in one of the world’s most iconic site.”

“As a long-standing partner with Triotech, Clifton Hill has introduced many new attraction technologies to the visitors of Niagara Falls over the years”, states Harry Oakes, President of HOCO, Clifton Hill’s parent company in the same press-release. “I am personally very excited to be deploying this new attraction that will complement our wide offering.”

“Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride” will feature 7 interactive multi-media scenes, as well as digital theming along the ride. The ride system will contain five 4-seater cars. Clifton Hill is an entertainment area in the city of Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada) that already includes two Triotech show rides (Wild West Coaster and Zombie Attack) and a Sally Dark Rides Ghost Blasters ride.

Hyper Ride-concept promotional video (by Triotech)
Hyper Ride 2
Hyper Ride concept art (© Triotech)