Category: News

Jul 27
SkyFly: Soar America in Pigeon Forge is now flying

New steam-punk styled flying theatre opens its doors in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Jul 09
Fantawild opens their second Glorious Orient park

Second Fantawild Glorious Orient theme park opens in Ningbo with six new DRdb entries!

Jun 30
Doha Quest opens with Flying Theatre and Motion Simulator

New indoor theme park in soft-opening after six years of construction

Jun 27
New Flying Theatre for Changbaishan

China's newest flying theatre will take you over the Changbai Mountains.

Jun 24
Legoland Discovery Centre Scheveningen opens its doors

Legoland Discovery Centre Scheveningen contains an Imagination Express dark ride…

Jun 23
Movie Park Studios in soft-opening

Movie Park Germany opens its new semi-dark ride Rollercoaster in a Hollywood theme.

Jun 18
Fort Fun refurbishes Log Flume

Fort Fun existing Log Flume now becomes a semi-dark ride.

Jun 17
Fantawild’s first Glorious Orient park is now open in Ganzhou

The Fantawild chain opens first Fanta Park Glorious Orient in China.

Jun 15
Legoland Discovery Center New Jersey opens doors

Legoland Discovery Center New Jersey opens with Imagination Express dark ride.

Jun 14
New Flying Theatre for Dublin: This Is Ireland

This Is City Attractions to open new installation in Ireland.