FlyOver flying theatre coming to Chicago in 2023

FlyOver Chicago
© Promotional image of the ride by Pursuit

The city of Chicago (IL, U.S.A.) will get a brand new attraction in 2023. Pursuit has announced the opening of a new installation of their FlyOver Attractions at the Navy Pier, an iconic destination along the shores of Lake Michigan. The attraction is modelled after other FlyOver destinations, consisting of a stand-alone flying theatre ride with a ride system built by Brogent Technologies. A 65-foot spherical screen will surround guests as they glide through flights that showcase picturesque landscapes shot in destinations from around the globe.

The chain already includes three other flying theatres: in Vancouver, Reykjavik and Las Vegas. All installations feature an immersive storytelling adventure through the film’s signature flight ride theatre and pre-show entertainment. The FlyOver attractions originally each included their own specific location-based films, but being a chain also allows them to exchange their films, providing visitors with a variety of flight experiences. “The launch of FlyOver in Chicago will provide visitors with a truly unforgettable experience showcasing some of the most iconic and visually stunning landscapes within Chicago, throughout the US, and beyond,” said Lisa Adams, Vice President of FlyOver Attractions by Pursuit. These films enable guests to soar across places like Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon in the American West, the dramatic volcanoes and glaciers of Iceland and the expansive rocky mountain vistas in Canada.

The FlyOver installation in Chicago will be built near the iconic Centennial Wheel, at Navy Pier. Construction is scheduled to start in early 2023, with the opening of the attraction anticipated in fall of 2023. More information on similar flying theatres by Brogent Technologies can be found in our special.