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The Leader in Simulation Technology, Making Dreams Reality

Headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, BROGENT is a diverse technology company, with rich experience in digital content creation. Our main lines of business include software and hardware R&D, manufacturing and system integration, theater design, planning, and construction capabilities. We can deliver single subsystems as well as entire projects.
After years of research and development, we are using our core technology and combining it with the latest 3D dynamic simulation technology to produce simulation systems and game applications that provide a new generation of products for theme parks or large-scale amusement- and leisure venues.
Our team members and partners include interdisciplinary senior designers and engineers, well-known theme park designers, and film directors. Thanks to our creative knowledge and engineering capabilities, we can use our virtual reality technology to turn your imagination into reality.

It's all about the Story

Story and media content play an important role, our ride experiences are media driven. Our ride systems are invisible, they only create the "feel" of the experience, while the content creates the "look". Storytelling and ride technology work hand-in-hand. A world-class media-based attraction experience needs a professional approach in both areas.

We have an experienced internal team that works on ride films and other attraction content. We also work with international experts in the fields of media production and ride film creation to keep each new attraction innovative and fresh. Tell us your story; we will turn it into a ride experience!

Creating Experience

Although we put a strong focus on our technical expertise, we are well aware that technology is only one of a dozen factors that make an unforgettable experience. In fact, we do everything to hide the ride technology from the guest's eyes, because we believe that only then we can deliver a realistic sensation of flight.

We are in the entertainment business. It is all a big show! We entertain your life anytime anywhere! Much like illusionists create their magic tricks, we create guest experiences: There is a lot of technology involved, but it all happens backstage, all that riders will experience is the perfect illusion of being somewhere else, doing something they would never have thought possible.

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