Category: News

May 01
Building of Kunibert’s Abenteuer closed

Construction update of Freizeitpark Klotten's new dark ride in 2020

Apr 25
Opening the community and new special

Feel free to visit our community and discuss on your favorite dark rides

Apr 21
Toverland reveals early concepts of Merlin’s Quest

A rare insight in the design process of Merlin's Quest

Apr 05
Behind the scenes look on Piraten in Batavia

Europa-Park Weekly shows more on the progress of Piraten in Batavia

Apr 01
New dark rides for 2020

Read all about new dark and show rides in 2020

Apr 01
Liseberg presents new dark ride ‘Underlandet’

Ride themed around the park's mascot opens in spring 2020

Apr 01
Interactive Dark Ride for Wild & Freizeitpark Klotten

Lagotronics Projects designs new dark ride, based on the legend of Knight Kunibert.

Apr 01
Legoland Billund is about to open a Flying Theatre

Legoland Billund opens first Flying Theatre of Scandinavia

Apr 01
Movieland announces new rides in Space theme

New ride "Space Mission Mars" might by listed on DRdb as show ride.

Apr 01
Europa Park reveals story for Piraten in Batavia

First episode of a making of series premiered on YouTube.