Coming to America

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Photos by Dark Ride Database / Cerveza

We are very pleased to announce the first big expansion of the Dark Ride Database – we are coming to America! From the first of October, we will be adding Dark Rides, Semi-Dark Rides and Show Rides from America to our database. With America, we mean not just the United States, but the complete continents of North and South America.

The first of October marks the first half year of the Dark Ride Database. Looking back at this first half year, we have to say that it already exceded our expectations. We have more visitors than we could ever dream of and we were able to gain a few wonderfull contacts for specials and newsarticles. This expansion is the next step for our website.

We were able to track down a lot of dark rides in North America and are still working on the South, but ofcourse, we probably have missed a couple. From October 1st, you can check your favourite American (semi-)dark and show rides and add the ones that we are missing (please do not add rides before October 1st). But we could use your help:


Currently, all DRdb teammembers are European residents. Although some of us traveled through North America already, we do not have enough pictures of American rides to fill the database. Do you have good pictures for us? Please send them to [email protected]. You are welcome to help us out right away!

Wanted: American Editor

To improve the quality of articles on our website, we are looking for a new editor for the Americas (please note: with ‘America(s)’, we mean both continents. Not specifically the USA).

Your profile:

– You are a dark ride enthusiast who likes to search for information on them and write articles for the website.
– You either live in (North) America or have traveled to multiple theme parks in America.
– You (are able to) travel to American theme parks on a regular basis. 

The job:

– You will be in charge of handling information about American rides. You will check incoming information on rides and publish them on the website.
– You keep up to date with news on American dark rides and write news items for the Dark Ride Database.
– You will help with writing specials on dark rides, mostly focussed on American rides. Sometimes on location.

The Dark Ride Database:

– The Dark Ride Database strives to become the most complete website on dark rides and other immersive attractions all over the world. You will be part of a fun team that manages the website. We have (web) meetings every month in which we discuss news, future specials and the direction of the website.

Does this sound interesting? Please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to [email protected]. Please write a short description of yourself and a motivation on why you want to join our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Last thing: unfortunately the community forum of our website never got the activity we hoped for. We have decided to discontinue the community as of the first of October. Member accounts on our website will be deleted soon after. All members will receive further information soon.