Construction update on new semi-darkride in Lagoon

20201011 Lagoon1
Construction of Primordial. Picture by Taylor Bybee via Parks & Coasters Worldwide

In 2021, Lagoon Amusement Park near Salt Lake City (Utah, U.S.A.) will open its brand new ride. The ride was supposed to be called ‘Primordial’, but the trademark was abandoned per 28-09-2020.The ride was initially announced as new for the 2020 season. It will contain both roller coaster and dark ride elements. Today some new pictures were published, showing the progress of the ride’s construction.

The pictures show the construction of green coaster track outside of large mountain-shaped building. Earlier pictures showed black track inside the building, which supposedly means that the new track will be an outdoor roller coaster section. The pictures show amongst others the ride’s lifthill.

20201011 Lagoon2
The lifthill of Primordial. Picture by Taylor Bybee via Parks & Coasters Worldwide

Little is yet known on the new ride. Construction pictures show a ride similar to Wonder Mountain’s Guardian in Canada’s Wonderland. This combination of a dark ride and a roller coaster is built by ART Engineering in collaboration with Triotech, which is why ART Engineering is supposed to be the manufacturer of Lagoon’s new ride as well. Most of the ride seems to take place inside a large mountain shaped-building, in which perhaps switch tracks or freefall tracks might occur. Even the name of the ride is not yet confirmed by the park.