Stalen Monsters receives an upgrade

Het Spoorwegmuseum Stalen Monsters verbeterde foto
Stalen Monsters in Het Spoorwegmusem (photo by Het Spoorwegmuseum)

The Dutch railway museum (Het Spoorwegmuseum) is giving their 15 year old dark ride Stalen Monsters an upgrade. Besides a refurbishment of the ride system, the museum has confirmed that the storyline of the ride will change, along with an upgrade of the scenery.

When the museum reopened after a large renovation in 2005, it was the first museum in The Netherlands that contained theme park-like experiences. One of them was the dark ride called Stalen Monsters (Steel Monsters). The ride gave an insight in works of employees along the railway track. The queue line of the ride took place on the attic of grandpa Harry, whose family has worked on the tracks for three generations. Harry had his own small museum in his attic and was telling his grandson stories about his work. After the pre-show, people would board the cars and travel through various railway scenes.

The story of Harry and his grandson will be removed (Photo by Dark Ride Database)

For this new upgrade, the story will change. The queue line will no longer take place in Harry’s attic, but instead the people in line are challenged to do a quiz. The majority of the ride itself stays the same, but new projections and smoke and light effects will be added to change the experience.

Stalen Monsters was built by the Dutch company KumbaK in cooperation with Imtech. The ride will reopen on Tuesday December 8th. The museum however is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions in The Netherlands.

Het Spoorwegmuseum Maliebaanstation 1 persfoto groot
Het Spoorwegmuseum is located in the former Maliebaanstation in Utrecht, The Netherlands (Photo by Het Spoorwegmuseum)