Closing of forum and deletion of user accounts


Today marks the 7th month of the Dark Ride Database. Over the last 6 months a lot of time was spend on developing the site. We’ve made some specials, added a lot of new rides and updated hundreds of dark rides with new information.

One of the things we spend time on was our DRdb forum. Unfortunately the forum never really got the traction it needs to be of an added value to the site. For this reason we decided to close the forum on our 6 month anniversary. From today on forward the forum will no longer be part of the Dark Ride Database.

The closing of the forum added another issue for us, what to do with the accounts of our users? We have come to the conclusion that we want to remove all user accounts. This has several reasons:

  • The above decision to close the forum;
  • We do not have any plans at this moment to add functionality to the user accounts;
  • We do not feel comfortable having user data at this moment.

For these reasons we will remove all users accounts and data on Friday the 8th of October. This process will involve removing all user data we have on the current website and its admin environment. We will not be deleting the data from our old backups since the impact of deleting this data from the backups is too big. Since we keep 30 days of backups all user data will be removed from our server indefinitely on the 8th of November this year.

All users will also receive the above information by email today. We want to thank all of you for the trust and support we have received over the last 6 months. We will keep expanding the site over the next months and we hope you will keep visiting us in the future. Also feel free to follow us on our Instagram and Facebook page!