Dark Ride Database launches Park pages!

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The entrance to Motiongate at Dubai Parks and Resorts (© Dark Ride Database)

We are excited to unveil the latest major update to our Dark Ride Database roadmap—the Park pages! This final addition completes a series of enhancements that previously included the continents, the Rides archive, and the Manufacturer and Product pages. In this article, we’ll guide you through the new features and explore what these Park pages have to offer.

Since the opening of the Dark Ride Database, simplifying navigation through the vast world of dark and show rides has been a cornerstone of our mission. From the beginning, we’ve had access to a vast amount of data to share with the world, which required us to make decisions about which components to develop first. The final piece of the puzzle has been the Park pages—dedicated sections for the parks themselves, making it easier for everyone to discover and explore their favourite parks and what dark rides they might contain.

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The new buttons on the front page (© Dark Ride Database)

When visitors arrive at our site, they are immediately greeted with the new Parks tile on the front page. Clicking this tile directs them to our park search engine, where they can look up their favorite park by location, status, opening and closing year, or operator. Additionally, we offer a map view through our “Explore the World” feature! We’ve integrated the parks tab into both the advanced search and the world explore page, allowing for seamless navigation between options.

Screenshot 2024 05 06 215306
The all new parks explore page (© Dark Ride Database)
Screenshot 2024 05 06 213326
Example of the Disneyland park page (© Dark Ride Database)

The park pages are designed to provide visitors with essential information about each park, including its location and, most importantly, the rides it houses. We’ve employed the same organisational system as with our other categories: one page offers general information about the park, while a separate tab lists all the rides within the park. This includes rides that have been closed, rethemed, relocated, or are still in operation. On top of that, we’ve added multiple pictures for each park (if available) and plan to expand this gallery to better showcase what each park looks and feels like.

This update completes the roadmap we set out nearly five years ago. Over the coming years, we will continue to explore new and exciting ways to provide more information about our favourite theme park rides. As this has been such a major annual update, we don’t anticipate releasing further new plans for at least another a year, so we encourage you to keep visiting and enjoy our latest expansion in the meantime!