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What is important in these fast-paced times? Special moments! How about feeling the wind in your hair and discovering the great wide open?

Surrender yourself into the moment and be drawn into another world? Being in the middle of the action instead of being a mere spectator?

We create these very moments with ingenuity and curiosity. We create goose-bumps and bright eyes; we make you tingle all over with excitement. Technical know-how from flight and driving simulation is combined with a spirit of adventure and phantasy to create unique attractions, offering an experience that can be felt for amusement parks, expos, stand-alone attractions and museums.

  • HEXaFLITE® Flying Theater for 20 - 72 passengers
  • HEXaFLITE®mini for 4, 8 and 10 passengers
  • Interactive Dark Rides
  • FUNRIDE motion based simulator rides
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