Fantawild opens another Oriental Heritage park

方特东方神画 / Oriental Heritage Taiyuan, China © Fantawild Theme Park (23-07-21)

On Friday 23rd July, Chinese theme park operator Fantawild opened the gates to their latest in a long line of Oriental Heritage parks. The park is located in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China and is the 8th park in the country to bear the same name.

The Oriental Heritage parks have been constructed and opened throughout China ever since 2015 and represent the ‘third generation’ of Fantawild’s own unique brand of in-house designed and built attractions. The attraction lineup for these parks has varied slightly over the years, often depending on whether they formed part of a larger Fantawild resort or if they established a new resort in their own right. The Taiyuan park appears to follow similar trends to that of the more recent standalone Oriental Heritage parks such as the one in Changsha.

DSC 0358
Magic Gallery, Oriental Heritage Changsha © Heartline Coaster (12-01-2020)

The news of this latest opening means there are a total of seven new entries in the Dark Ride Database, although based on the information available it is likely that these attractions can all be found in a comparable or identical form elsewhere at other similar Fantawild properties.

This marks the third property in the chain to open in 2021, following on from the two Glorious Orient parks. Yet another Oriental Heritage park is due to open in China before the end of this year, as well as a new brand of park currently known as Fantawild Dinosaur Kingdom.