Fantawild opens their second Glorious Orient park

方特东方欲晓 / Fantawild Glorious Orient, Ningbo, China © Fantawild Theme Park

Fantawild is scheduled to open another park in Ningbo this week, just six weeks after their first Glorious Orient property opened in Ganzhou. This will be another example of the new style of park from the Chinese chain and will operate 6 more of their dark ride systems.

The park is due to open on Friday 9th July 2021 and once again offers many of Fantawild’s staple attractions under the same narratives. These include a 4D tracked motion ride, an interactive dark ride based around their Boonie Bear TV & film franchise and a rotating platform theatre attraction. Details are limited for now, but our database has been updated to include six new entries in total for this park and they will be revised as and when we know more about each project.

Unlike Ganzhou, which was an entirely new resort and location for the chain, the city of Ningbo has played host to an Oriental Heritage park from Fantawild ever since April 2016. This new Glorious Orient park will form a second ticketed ‘gate’ within the same resort, offering guests an even greater range of attractions to experience during their visit.

© Fantawild Theme Park (13-04-2021)

There are three remaining parks in the chain due to be completed this year. Two of these will become the 8th and 9th Oriental Heritage properties in the country. There are also plans for another new concept of park currently known as Dinosaur Kingdom.