Fantawild’s first Glorious Orient park is now open in Ganzhou

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方特东方欲晓 / Fantawild Glorious Orient, Ganzhou, China © Fantawild Theme Park (28-05-2021)

Last month, the first of Fantawild’s new parks for 2021 opened to the public. This is the first of a new style of park from Fantawild called Glorious Orient, which appears to contain several themes we’ve not yet seen for the Chinese chain’s multiple dark ride systems.

The park opened on Friday 28th May 2021 and offers many of Fantawild’s staple attractions under new narratives, including a 4D motion-based dark ride, a large boat ride that looks at the history of China’s marine industry and a flying theatre. Details are limited for now, but our database has been updated to include six new entries in total for this park and they will be revised as and when we know more about each project.

© Fantawild Theme Park (13-04-2021)

There are four other parks in the chain due to be completed this year, another of which will also be a Glorious Orient park, this time in Ningbo, China. We are also expecting to see a further two Oriental Heritage properties open, taking that particular brand from seven to nine parks in total, as well as an as yet unseen Dinosaur Kingdom park.