Uncharted semi-dark ride confirmed by PortAventura for 2023

Screenshot of teaser video for Uncharted ride (© PortAventura World)
Screenshot of teaser video for Uncharted ride (© PortAventura World)

Since the start of this year, the Spanish PortAventura Park (part of the PortAventura World resort) has been constructing a new ride for the 2023 season, all the while keeping further details secret. Yesterday, the park revealed the plans of the ride, announcing a rollercoaster semi-dark ride in the theme of video game and movie series Uncharted. The park claims that the new ride will be an adventure for the whole family to enjoy.

According to a more detailed blog post, the enclosed coaster (a first for the park) is being constructed in the existing Far West area and is slated to open during mid 2023. Within a 4,800 m2 building, just shy of 700 metres of track will be constructed including 5 launch sections. The ride system is based on Intamin’s Multi Dimension Coaster with theming by Sally Dark Rides.

Intamin’s Mutli Dimension Coaster was used before on Movie Park Germany’s dark ride Movie Park Studio Tour, which does not only feature launches, but also a turn-table and a switchtrack. Over the last months, possible coaster layouts for PortAventura’s new ride have leaked that include these same elements. The leaked ride lay-outs seem to align with the first pieces of installed track, which have been placed inside the already constructed show building over the course of last week.

One of the leaked layouts, that could possibly belong to the new ride (© CoasterForce)
Construction of the ride is well under way

Sally Dark Rides is not an unknown party to PortAventura: in 2019, they worked together on the realisation of the park’s first dark ride, Sesame Street – Street Mission. Lauren Wood Weaver of Sally explains to Dark Ride Database: “We’re incredible thrilled that PortAventura has called on the Sally team once more to bring another world-class family attraction to their park. It’s going to be a one-of-a-kind adventure with the action, thrills and humor that the Uncharted brand is well-known for.”

The Uncharted series started of as video games developed by the American studio Naughty Dog and revolves around a group of explorers searching for lost treasure. The first game, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, released in 2007. Following 8 successful instalments, a movie simply titled ”Uncharted” was released in 2022, starring Tom Holland, which served as primary inspiration for the upcoming ride.

Teaser for the Uncharted ride (© PortAventura World)