Wild West Adventure closed for renovation

Wild West Adventure
Wild West Adventure (© Attractiepark Slagharen)

Wild West Adventure, the water dark ride at Attractiepark Slagharen in the Netherlands will make its final rounds on 6 November. The ride will likely be rethemed, as it will stayed closed during the park’s winter opening. This would make it the fourth water dark ride in the Parques Reunidos chain to be rethemed in a short amount of time, following Bermuda Triangle (2019), Garfields Nightmare (2020) and the upcoming retheme to Indiana River (2023).

The park sent out a news letter to its pass holders, explaining that ”After 22 years, the boat trip as many of you know it is coming to an end. We have great plans for the attraction!” No further information has been given out yet, but a teaser video seems to hint that the ride will be themed to the park’s ‘Red Bandits’ characters. The characters in question were created by Aniba Entertainmen and serve as the antagonists to the park’s mascots, raccoons Randy and Rosie and Sheriff Sam. In the video, they claim that ”You won’t recognise Wild West Adventure after we’re done with it”.

Aniba Entertainment often collaborates with the Leisure Expert Group, making it very likely for them to be involved in this project. Wild West Adventure opened in 2000, being located in a domed building that used to house the OK Corral show. The ride utilises the ‘Round Boat Ride’ system manufactured by Mack Rides, with decors and animatronics by Heimotion. Guests boarding the rafts experience scenes set in the wild west, coming across cowboys, native Americans and gold mines.

Pass holders of Slagharen will be able to sign up to be part of one of the final rides, experiencing the attraction for the last time. No indication of a reopening date has been given.

Wild West Adventure
Wild West Adventure (© Dark Ride Database)