Slagharen shares first look at Red Bandits Adventure

Logo and artwork for Red Bandits Adventure (© Attractiepark Slagharen / Leisure Expert Group)

Earlier today, Attractiepark Slagharen (Netherlands) presented new information, including the name of their upcoming dark ride: Red Bandits Adventure. The attraction will be a retheme of Wild West Adventure, a free flow boat ride that previously had a Western theme. It was originally opened in 2000 and closed last year. The plan is to transform it into a new experience featuring a focused storyline and to change the decor to accommodate for this. Via a press release and on their social media channels, the park is proud to share the first concept arts and the storyline of Red Bandits Adventure.

The ride is named after the Red Bandits, a fictional ‘notorious gang of crooks’ that regularly make appearances in the park as part of shows and entertainment acts. Slagharen wanted to expand on the story of the gang by incorporating them into their dark ride. General manager Dave Storm explains: ”I am very glad that with the story we chose we can immerse our guests in the story of the Red Bandits better than ever. This year we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Slagharen. The renewal feels like a gift that fits such a beautiful anniversary year.”

Artwork for Red Bandits Adventure (© Attractiepark Slagharen / Leisure Expert Group)

The Red Bandits have taken over Wild West Adventure and are looking for new gang members. Guests stepping into one of the boats will be confronted by various dangerous situations that the bandits have invented in order to test them. How it all will end is kept a as surprise, but ”the adventure turns out differently than expected.” Dutch design firm Leisure Expert Group, known for their work on Movie Park Germany’s Excalibur and Studios Tour, is responsible for the story and concept arts.

Artworks for Red Bandits Adventure (© Attractiepark Slagharen / Leisure Expert Group)

3 concepts arts of different scenes have been shared by the park. They show that large parts of the theming and characters will be newly created. The original transport system by Mack Rides and rockwork formations by AAB of will however be kept intact. It is not known yet what firm is involved with the realisation of the new theming. Attractiepark Slagharen and thus Red Bandits Adventure will open its doors on 1 April 2023.

Outside of Wild West Adventure, which will likely remain the same (© Dark Ride Database)