‘RiseNY’ Flying Theatre in New York City opens in December

Soar over New York City in RiseNY (© RiseNY)

With Flying Theatres popping up in different locations all over the world, New York City could not be left without one for long. December 15th will mark the opening of “RiseNY”. Located just around the corner from Times Square, the experience of RiseNY will combine museum exhibits with a flying simulator that takes you all over New York City.

RiseNY is a new experience, created by Running Subway Productions. It will consist of three parts: a documentairy in an immersive theater, seven exhibit gallaries and a flying theatre. The documentairy was directed by Ric Burns and James Sanders and is narrated by actor Jeff Goldblum. It will tell the story of Times Square and contain various special effects to immerse the audience into the film. The exhibit will show the pop-cultural evolution and its impact on the world. It will be divided into 7 galleries: Finance, Skyline, TV/Radio, Fashion, Music, Broadway and Film.

The third part will be the main attraction of the experience: a soaring flight over New York City. The flying theatre will be manufactured by Brogent Technologies and contain 46 seats.

“I was inspired after riding ‘Soarin’ Over California‘ in Disneyland with my son, and always thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to fly over and around NYC?” says James Sanna, President and CEO of Running Subway in a press-release. “And, now, over a decade later, we’ve been able to tap into the latest technology and advancements to create an experience unique to the city I love.”