Plopsa Station Antwerp finishes Wickie’s Valtoren

Wickie's Valtoren
Entrance to Wickie’s Valtoren (© Dark Ride Database)

The Belgian Plopsa Group opened its newest theme park just two months ago: Plopsa Station Antwerp. Unfortunately, not every ride was finished when the park opened. In the case of Wickie’s Valtoren (Vic’s Drop Tower), only the exterior of the ride was finished. The ride itself operated as a bouncing tower ride in the dark. The park has now finished the attraction with new projections, making the ride qualify as a dark ride once again.

Wickie’s Valtoren originally opened as “Op Bezoek Bij De Kiekeboes” (2017-2019) when the park was still operating as Comics Station. The park closed at the end of 2019 and was bought by the Plopsa Group. They spent almost two years on an overhaul of the park and rethemed many of the rides. Even though the Plopsa Group made arrangement to keep some of the comics IP in the park, they did decide to change the theme of De Kiekeboes to Vic the Viking (in Dutch: Wickie de Viking).

Plopsa Station Antwerp is located inside the central train station of Antwerp. The building, originally ment to be the international train terminal, is mostly below ground. Wickie’s Valtoren is located on the bottom level and rises up several floors.

Plopsa Station Antwerp is still making adjustments to the park. They also recently updated their Smurfenavontuur dark ride. The wands that are used for the interactivity are now connected to the cars for a lower downtime and they added a score board at the end of the ride. The park asked the help of Alterface, who created the interactive system, to make these changes.

Ride system of Wickie’s Valtoren (© Dark Ride Database)