Movie Park Germany reveals trains for Movie Park Studios-ride

20210306 MPG4
Arrival of the trains for the Movie Park Studios ride (Photo via Movie Park Germany)

Movie Park Germany, located near the German city of Bottrop, is currently working on their new ride ‘Movie Park Studios’. The ride will celebrate the 25th birthday of the park, since it opened as Warner Bros. Movie World Germany in 1996. Movie Park Studios consists of large dark ride parts, as well as a roller coaster part. This week, the park revealed the first pictures of the trains of the ride.

The roller coaster and its vehicles are manufactured by Intamin. Each train consists of two cars for six people, seating twelve riders per train. The trains look like studio trams and show signs of MPG Studios and Studio Tour. Moreover, the trains are equipped with an on-board sound system, “to create a ride packed with action” as the park says.

20210306 MPG2
Arrival of the trains for the Movie Park Studios ride. Image via Movie Park Germany

20210306 MPG3
Signs of the side of the trains. Image via Movie Park Germany

Movie Park Germany announced their new ride last august. Movie Park Studios will be a multi-dimensional coaster, encompassing two launches (one of them backwards) and a turntable. The ride system is delivered by Intamin, Leisure Expert Group is responsible for the theming and IMAscore produces the music for the ride.

Throughout the winter months, the park has kept its fans updated via regular posts on their social media. Pictures shown major works inside the building, containing trackwork but also the construction of major scenes. The coaster track was closed last January. Just last week, the park also shared photos of the recording session for the ride’s music. Simultaneously, the composer IMAscore shared a first snippet of the music in their IMAdairy on YouTube.

20210306 MPG6
Trackwork inside the show building. Image via Movie Park Germany, posted in January

20210306 MPG7
New York-themed scene in the ride. Image via Movie Park Germany, posted in January

20210306 MPG5
Image from the recording sessions for the ride’s music. Image via Movie Park Germany

It is not yet known when Movie Park Studios will open for public. The park aims to start the new season on the 26th of March, if the Covid-19 measures in Germany allows them to open.