New ride Movie Park Germany is a rollercoaster

Movie Park Rollercoaster 02
The building of the former Ice Age Adventure / Wrong Turn (picture by Jim)

Just days after the announcement of the ride manufacturer Intamin, Movie Park Germany has revealed more details about their new ride for 2021. According to an instagram post of Movie Park Germany, the new ride will be a Multi Dimension Rollercoaster from Intamin Amusement Rides.

The ride will be located in the building of the former Ice Age Adventure ride. In a statement Movie Park Germany promisses a family coaster that is unique in Europe. The ride will feature two LSM-launches, forward and backwards and a 360° turntable. Top speed of the ride will be 60 km/h with a track length of 532 meter. It will feature 3 trains with 12 seats each, bringing total capacity to 900 riders per hour.

Movie Park Germany calls the ride a perfect symbiosis between a dark ride and a rollercoaster, featuring large projection screens, sound effects and windmachines, creating the perfect ‘Hollywood adventure’. The ride will also feature an outdoor section with a view of the ride’s enterance. Preparations for the constructions have been going on for over a year now. The real construction is set to start in October.

There are currently two Multi Dimension Coasters by Intamin in operation. The oldest one begin Th13teen in Alton Towers, England, the second Inferno in Cinecittà World, Italy. These rollercoasters both feature a drop-track, an element that was not announced in the statement of Movie Park Germany.

Although not every indoor rollercoaster qualifies for an entry in the database, it seems unlikely that this new rollercoaster won’t qualify. Based on the press release, we expect it to become a new semi-dark ride.