First look inside Droomvlucht during extensive refurbishment

Some of the redone fairies in Droomvlucht (© Efteling)
Some of the redone fairies in Droomvlucht (© Efteling)

Efteling has revealed more details on the elaborate refurbishment taking place at Droomvlucht in the form of a behind the scenes video on their official YouTube channel. The classic suspended dark ride will not only see technical maintenance to the ride track and a new lighting plan, but also features some inclusive changes. Droomvlucht will open its doors again next week, on 4 March.

The park already explained what was going to be taken place during the 4-month and €6 million renovation, but the recently released video shows more details not discussed before. One notable change is an update to some of the ride’s animatronics. They have receive more detailed paintwork, immersing guests further on their flight through the dreamworld. In addition, the fairies in the ride have received different skin tones as the park aims to add more diversity to its characters.

We also get a good look at the new lighting plan. Not only will it be matching more closely the colours from back when the ride opened, the old halogen lights have made way for a total of 543 LEDs which allow for more effects to be added in the scenes. One of these effects is a sunrise and sunset taking place in the opening scene ‘Kastelenrijk’ (Castle Realm).

The programming of the sunset effect at Kastelenrijk (© Efteling)

Another big focus of the renovation was the reactivation of the rain effect in the biggest scene of the ride, the ‘Zompenwoud’ (Swamp Forest). It had been turned off for quite some time due to a leakage in the pond in the centre of the forest, but this issue has been resolved and the effect will be back up and running when the ride reopens on 4 March.

It is currently not known if the ‘Hemelburchten’ (Heavenly Strongholds) scene will be completely restored on opening day, as it might be missing some of its iconic floating planets. They reportedly suffered damages during the maintenance works and are still being worked on.