Walibi Belgium will reopen Saturday after major flood

Walibi Belgium
Façade of Challenge of Tutankhamon (© Dark Ride Database)

Walibi Belgium (Wavre) will reopen its doors this Saturday for the first time after the flood of July 15th. On that day, the Dyle river overflowed, which caused the majority of the park to be flooded. Many rides and technical installations were damaged, causing the park to be inoperatable for months.

Walibi Belgium contains two dark rides: Popcorn Revenge and Challenge of Tutankhamon. Apart from those, the park also contains the show rides Palais du Génie (a madhouse) and a 3D film. Only Challenge of Tutankhamon was spared from the flood, as it was built on higher ground.

Popcorn Revenge suffered a lot of damage, with water rising 10 to 15 centimeters in the building. ETF Ride Systems asstisted the park in repairing all cars that were fortunately not damaged beyond repair. Popcorn Revenge should be able to reopen today and thrill its visitors once again.

DSC06502 scaled
Cars of Popcorn Revenge by ETF Ride Systems (© Freddo)

It is expected that Madhouse Palais de Genie suffered minor damage. It is uncertain if the show building flooded or not, but most of the technical installations of a Madhouse are in higher parts of the building. It is expected that the ride will reopen too. The fate of the 3D theatre are still unknown at this point.

Madhouse Palais du Genie (© Dark Ride Database)