Qin Palace Flying Theatre opens in Hengdian World Studios park

Image of the Qin Palace Flying Theatre © project: syntropy

Last week, the Hengdian World Studios opened a brand new flying theatre called “Qin Palace Flying Theatre“. The Hengdian World Studios, located outside the Chinese city of Dongyang, is the largest film studio in the world. Apart from recording movies and tv-shows, the studio is a major tourist attraction. Since this week, the new flying theatre adds to the experience of the studio’s visitors.

The Flying Theatre is the first turn-key ride of its kind delivered by the German manufacturer project: syntropy. The ride uses a 25m fulldome screen to immerse the visitors on their flight. project: syntropy was responsible for concept and system design, as well as the installation of the entire ride. It is not known whether other suppliers contributed to the ride.

The Hengdian World Studios were founded in 1996 and produced over 2200 films since then, both Chinese and international films. Shooting happens in the large sets that have been built on the studio’s grounds, which are simultaneously the major visitor attractions. Among the 13 environments on the 330ha area are full size replicas of palaces from the Qin and Han dynasties, and replicas of Hong Kong and Guangzhou streets.

The 25m dome screen © project: syntropy
Qin Palace Flying Theatre © project: syntropy