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    Dark ride

Visitors sign on as energy miners for the Solar Energy Cosmic Mining Company and head for a distant planet.  Their mission?…save Earth from the band of notorious space pirates that intend on stealing all the energy in the universe.  The energy miners must travel far into the galaxy to harvest energy from a mother lode of solar crystals and transfer it to Earth.

Interactive gaming blasts into play as a fierce battle ensues, with ride cars spinning, lights flashing and sirens wailing as the villains blast back. The war moves through an incredible planetary landscape, into a mining operation where alien workers are in need of assistance, and into a hidden cavern filled with glittering solar crystals.  It is here that the final battle for the fate of the Earth will be decided.

Power Blast takes the interactive, game-based attraction to an entirely new level of excitement! This dark ride offers a high level of game play with new, exclusive interactive technology, and state-of-the-art video game design elements integrated into the black-light experience.

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* All Sally dark rides are flexible in size and configuration