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    Dark ride

Boo! Shining a whole new (black) light on the haunted house theme, Ghost Blasters is the “fun-scary” ride/game that everyone loves: an interactive family attraction filled with fabulously frightful black light scenery, characters and scarily animated effects.

Comical ghosts, skeletons and other creatures of the night are led by the mighty Boocifer.  The black-light ride features animatronic characters, plus almost 80 animated props, characters and set pieces.  Lively custom theme music and special effects add to the surreal, whimsical spookiness of the experience as you undertake the challenge to drive the ghostly invaders out of Bleakstone Manor, an old historic home Boocifer and friends have claimed as their own.

As you prepare to board your “boo-blaster” equipped ride car, world-renowned ghost hunter Professor Phearstruck appears on a video screen to admit he has met his match in Boocifer and enlist your aid.  The professor shows off his patented “ghost eradicator” and the “scaremobile” (the scoring console-equipped ride car that carries visitors on their exciting journey), and demonstrates the correct way to “boo-blast” a spirit back to Ghostland.

Additional info


  • Facility size: 6,000 sq. ft., 557 sq. m.
  • Scenes: 17
  • Animated props/characters: 80
  • Track length: 377 ft., 103 m.
  • Capacity: 2 passenger/400 pph
  • Capacity: 4 passenger/800 pph
*All Sally dark rides are flexible in size and configuration