General information
  • Ride category
    Dark ride

This spectacular interactive dark ride takes guests on an amazing journey deep into the heart of the ancient pyramid where the tomb of the legendary pharaoh, King Tutankhamon, was hidden from the world for thousands of years. The ancient god, Seth — Lord of Destruction and Chaos — has vowed to protect the sanctity of the tomb, and has unleashed the mystical terrors of the curse. Your challenge is to enter the uncharted regions of the dark passageways and find the lost treasure.

This journey involves an interactive battle of mythical proportions. Three thousand year-old gods and demons still protect the tomb of the pharaoh, and stand ready to challenge all who dare enter.  Defeat the guardians along the route, or you will be turned away before reaching your goal. The ride features 130 interactive targets, and digital consoles in the TRV track both individual and composite scores.

Riders must achieve a set score and defeat the final (golden) Seth in order to enter the treasure chamber. Those who fail are sent through one of two early exits. Winners ride into a wonderland of sparkling treasure. A thrilling adventure, Challenge of Tutankhamon is also an enthralling game where riders can challenge each other, another ride car or themselves. Ride fans in Europe even track the highest scores online!

Additional info
  • Facility size: 16,880 sq. ft./ 1,570 sq. m.
  • Track length: 705 ft., 215 meters
  • Capacity: 920 people per hour
  • Ride Cars: 13 six-passenger AGV ride cars
  • Scenes: 12 major plus pre-show. 2 additional scenes merit-based (3 possible endings)
  • Animatronics: 54
  • Interactive Targets: 130
*All Sally dark rides are flexible in size and configuration
  • Thea Outstanding Achievement (2004)
  • IAAPA Best Major Ride (2003)
  • Looper Award Best Dark Ride in Europe (2003)
  • UITP Best Family Dark Ride in Europe (2003)