Oakwood Theme Park teases new dark ride

Oakwood Teaser 2 16 23
(© Oakwood Theme Park)

Oakwood Theme Park (Pembroke, UK) is working on a mysterious project. The park teased the project in a recent post on social media, that shows a walkthrough of a ride track layout. It appears to be identical to their exisiting dark ride, Spooky 3D, leading many fans to speculate that this is a complete retheming of the attraction. 

It appears they wasted no time, having completely removed all traces of the ride except for the track and walls which are now a bare black.  This ride was notable for having the rider wear 3D glasses with the 3D effects being fluorescent paint rather than projected images.  This would not be the first time this ride has been rethemed as it opened as Voodoo Mansion in 2000, but was then later rethemed and renamed to Spooky 3D in 2003.

The park has not released an official announcement of the closure of Spooky 3D, however Oakwood being a seasonal theme park closed on November 6th for the Winter season, leaving them plenty of time to start this mystery project.

Exterior of Spooky 3D (© Dark Ride Database)

The teaser video states that an announcement of the attraction will follow soon. The music in the video and a tagline stating ‘Don’t freak out’ might indicate that the new dark ride will once again have a scary theme. The park has not announced an opening yet, but it is suspected it may be set to coincide with the parks reopening for the 2023 season in April.

Oakwood Spooky 3D retheme
Still from the teaser-video, showing the empty hallways of the attraction (© Oakwood Theme Park)