New Lego Discovery Centre Brussels opens this summer

lego discovery centre brussels
Artwork for Lego Discovery Centre Brussels (©Merlin Entertainments)

Merlin Entertainments will open the new indoor Lego Discovery Centre Brussels in the Belgian capital upcoming summer. Just like all current Legoland Discovery Centres, the new centre will contain a couple rides, 3D theatre, Lego Miniland and an interactive dark ride.

Lego Discovery Centre Brussels will be the first Discovery Centre to drop the Legoland name. This decision was made to avoid confusion between the centres and the full-sized Legoland theme parks. Merlin Entertainments has announced that all existing Legoland Discovery Centres will eventually be renamed too.

Accoring to a press-release, the new centre in Brussels will contain an ‘Imagination Express’ dark ride. Similar rides can be found in Philadelphia, Shenyang, Milpatas, East Rutherford and The Hague. This ride was co-developed by Merlin Magic Making, Alterface and ETF Ride Systems.

Fantasie Express in Legoland Discovery Centre Scheveningen (The Netherlands) (© Misha Fokke)