Liseberg opens new dark ride Underlandet

Image of the new Underlandet dark ride © Liseberg (via Gosetto srl facebook)

After a wait of more than one year, the Swedish theme park Liseberg is allowed to open its doors to public once again. Along with the re-opening of the park, on the 3rd of June, the park opens their new dark ride Underlandet. “We are so incredibly happy to welcome our guests to the park again,” says Andreas Andersen, CEO of Liseberg. “No one could have imagined, that when we closed on December 30th 2019 that it would be this long before we would reopen again. Today’s decision is a huge relief, and so very important for our employees, for our guests and for Gothenburg.”

The opening of Underlandet, Swedish for ‘Wonderland’, was originally scheduled for April 2020. Due to the closure of the park during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the completely finished ride could not open to public until today. The brand new dark ride is located in the park’s children’s area called ‘Kaninlandet’ – which translates as ‘Rabbit Country’. This area is, not surprisingly, themed around the green rabbit which is the park’s mascot. The new ride will take its passengers into an unknown underground world of the rabbits.

05. Underlandet
Image of the new Underlandet dark ride © Liseberg

Props for the new ride were already showed during the IAAPA Expo in fall 2019. In the stand of P&P Projects, who produces the ride’s decorations, visitors could already meet the well-known green rabbit. The ride was designed by the Quarry Fold Studio, with animatronics being produced by LifeFormations and the ride system by the Italian firm Gosetto. Special music is composed by IMAscore, who already composed the theme music for Kaninlandet.

More information on the development of the Underlandet ride can be found in our interview with Gosetto.