Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach upgrades Snails and Fairy Tales

The new Alice in Wonderland scene (© Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach on Instagram)

With April 12th set as the day that theme parks in the United Kingdom can reopen, many parks are preparing for the new season. England’s Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach has posted a couple of pictures on Instagram, showing works on an update for their semi-dark ride ‘Snails and Fairy Tales‘. Many of the interior scenes are replaced by new ones.

Snails and Fairy Tales brings its riders through various fairy tale scenes, both in- and outdoors, that are located under the classic wooden ‘Roller Coaster’. Parts of the supports of the coaster are used as the frame work for the enclosed scenes. Snails and Fairy Tales first opened in 1966 and was manufactured by Wadbrooke and Bottons.

Most of the indoor scenes featured cartoony scenes with 2D figures. Some scenes contained optical illusions and fluorescent painting as major scenery. The photos on Instagram show complete new scenes, including three-dimensional characters and scenery. Optical illusion and fluorescent painting will still be a part of the ride. The photos showed that the ride will keep its fairy tale theme, with new scenes containing Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio.

The Pinocchio scene (© Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach on Instagram)