ETF Ride Systems’ first Pirate Mania to be built in Vietnam

Pirate Mania
Concept art of Pirate Mania (© ETF Ride Systems / Jora Vision)

A little over two years ago, ETF Ride Systems partnered up with design company Jora Vision to create a new concept for an interactive dark ride intended for Family Entertainment Centres. The result: Pirate Mania. ETF Ride Systems is currently manufacturing the first installation of this turnkey concept and has revealed that it will be installed in Vietnam.

Pirate Mania is a small interactive dark ride with a footprint of only 250m². This small footprint makes the ride suitable for many Family Entertainment Centres (FEC) around the world. The ride uses the Mystic Mover-system, ETF’s smallest vehicles, capable of pivoting and rotating up to 360°.

During our visit to the ETF Ride Systems booth at the IAAPA Expo London, CEO Ruud Koppens was able to confirm that the first Pirate Mania ride was sold to a client in Asia. In a recent LinkedIn-post, it was revealed specifically that it will be installed in Vietnam, though an exact location was not yet announced.

The presented Pirate Mania concept consists of two parts: Starting ‘outdoors’ in the jungle and a pirate’s village, the cars will soon plunge into a sunken ship. The indoor scenes that follow contain blacklight scenery for a surprising effect. The starting ‘outdoor’-part was designed to be visible for non-riding visitors. This means that, once constructed, the design will qualify as a semi-dark ride, rather than a full dark ride.

Layout for Pirate Mania (© ETF Ride Systems / Jora VIsion)