Alton Towers gives sneak peek on Gangsta Granny

In January the English theme park Alton Towers announced the opening of a new dark ride for the 2020 season. The theme of the new ride is based on Gangsta Granny, a figure from the children’s book by the same name, which is written by David Williams. On Valentine’s Day, ITV posted a video in collaboration with Alton Towers showing a sneak peak of the ride’s interior.

In the video we see a couple of the scenes of the new ride, showing a wide variety of real props as well as projection screens. Tests of the ride system, which is manufactured by the English company Garmendale, are also shown. The carriages each transport eight people through the ride and are able to turn towards the various scenes.

Apart from that, lead creator John Burton tells the story behind the dark ride. At the start of the ride, passengers will board their carriages for a tour along the crown jewels. However, during the ride guests are invited by Gangsta Granny and her grandson Ben to help them steal the crown jewels. Of course, things go wrong at that point and guests are taken into a crazy chase trying to escape from the police.

Exclusive Look video by ITV and Alton Towers

Gangsta Granny: The Ride will be part of the new area called ‘The World of David Williams’. This area is built on the site formerly known as Cloud Cuckoo Land. Apart from the Gangsta Granny Ride, the area features two kiddy rides and a new shop based on other characters by David Williams. The whole area is set to open in spring 2020.